Charlie Puth in tears as he recalls his worst breakup moment of my life.

Charlie Puth in tears as he recalls his worst breakup moment of my life.

Charlie Puth became emotional when talking about his next single, “That’s Hilarious.” explained how his 2019 breakup still “rears its ugly head” from time to time.

On Wednesday, the singer of “Light Switch” announced plans to release the next single “That’s Hilarious” in April, inspired by the dissolution of 2019. In a TikTok video, 30-year-old Puth talks about his complex emotions associated with the track. In a TikTok video posted Wednesday (March 23rd), Charlie Puth talked about the context of his next single, That’s Hilarious.
He said the song was dedicated to the farewell he experienced in 2019, calling it the “worst year” of his life. But he also added that fans are finally really excited to hear the track.
“I’m really excited for the song to come out but every time I hear it I’m brought back to a time that was really challenging in my life,” Charlie shared in the heart-wrenching TikTok clip.

“But I am also really excited for you to hear it but it just brought me to 2019 which was the f*****g worst year of my life.”

He added: “This is the hardest song that I’ve put together and I am so excited for you to hear it.” This is a very hard song for me to listen to, but it’s worth it. “That’s Hilarious” coming in April.

It’s unclear to whom Charlie dedicated the song, but we know there were two public relationships between late 2018 and late 2019.
Charlie and singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence officially announced their relationship on Instagram in the same Valentine’s Day year, with a snap that showed him hugging the 19-year-old singer at the time.

In September of that year, Charlie confirmed that he and Charlotte had split when he wrote in a Twitter post that he is “single now.”

The singer previously dated Selena Gomez and Vampire Diaries actress Danielle Campbell.

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