After the decision of going for a vacation in any place or countries, the next step is which hotel to choose before booking. Most tourist put the decision making or like we say “the deal breaker” on the cost of the place before even checking the place out. They go like this when they see pictures of places “This place looks luxurious, am I sure I can afford it? I don’t know what am looking for, will any hotel room do?.  Stop worrying about it I will be dropping some tips to guide you in making your decision based on the quality and not the quantity, even some hotels have good pricing and are bad. These are the five main things to look for in a hotel before booking apart from the pricing. Pricing is also important but I know you have that all covered.


Location is a very important thing to consider you need to consider. You need to know if the hotel is at the center of the city or closer to the facilities in the city you are visiting before booking. The thing to also consider is the reason for travelling if it’s for peace and seclusion then you need to find hotels in a more relaxed environment, if it’s for touring and sightseeing a hotel around the center of the city is wise so you can be in the middle of everything. If it’s for business the hotel should be closer to the place where the meeting is scheduled to happen. Location is very important when picking hotels and booking.


For one to even consider a hotel before booking one must ensure to know if it clean. If you are doing it online read through the reviews of the place or check other places. For you to be calm and relaxed on your vacation or whatever purpose you went there for you need to have a clean hotel room for peace of mind. There are still places that just because they are cheap, they don’t take good care of their facilities and they don’t change worn out facilities. Don’t fall for those tricks it must be neat. A hotel room must be serene, neat and peaceful for you to be comfortable.



One of the major gems in a hotel is the staff, the staff has to be hospitable that is they should be friendly. They should also attend to your needs and questions and take care of any discomfort. Some staffs in hotels are very rude and absentminded, I will emphasize that when picking a hotel read through the reviews and comments on the place. The most important person in your journey is you and they are there to make you feel comfortable and taken care of so before booking make sure you know a little about their customer services.



This is also important, the view around the hotel is also very important. The beauty of the hotel should speak for itself, it’s not only the garden the interior décor of the place like the bar, restaurant, pool area etc. It should make you feel like excited to be there and give you a clear mind because you are important.


The most way to people’s heart is through their stomach, it also important in this case. You will be staying at the place so you would also eat there, the food should be very good . If you don’t check this issue before booking you might regret your stay because instead of thinking where you should see next you have to be thinking of where to eat because you hate the food they serve at the hotel you booked. 


In my opinion you only get to do these once or twice in a year you should do it very well, looking for a good hotel because of the pricing but these five thing will also help you decide on which hotel you want before booking. In the journey you are about to take you are the most important person so you should be happy and satisfied. Rem ember quality is better than quality till next time. 

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