Nigerian street food is one of the best things about the Nigerian culture. In fact we have a lot of expensive restaurants and good places to eat from but we still have love for our street food. We have many street food from snacks to drinks but I will only be talking about the top 10 famous street food, They are not expensive and very tasty. This list came from my research and my view on the famous street foods.

  1. Puff Puff

This a traditional African snack made of fried dough, it has many diverse names across Africa but here is Nigeria it is called “Puff Puff”. It is very nice and sweet when it is hot. You can find it in crowded streets or close to markets. You can find this African pastry in many states.

Puff puff

  1. Suya

Suya is very popular everywhere is Nigeria. It is a spicy meat skewer, the meat cold be either beef, ram, chicken or turkey. It also has innards like kidney, liver and tripe. The meat is thinly sliced and marinated in spices like the salt, pepper, vegetable oil and other flavors, and then barbecued. It is very delicious and the last thing to serve it with yaji and onions.


  1. Agege Bread

This is the name that this bread in Lagos, it is mainly sold on the streets in Lagos. The bread is a soft but dense sweet white bread made from a rich low-yeast dough. It is very popular in Lagos; it is mainly eaten with butter or Ewa goin or Akara.

Agege Bread

  1. Boli and Groundnut

This is very famous around the country, It is roasted plantain there is no complicated recipe or anything. It is roasted on the street and served with groundnut by choice if you want, so simple but delicious.

Boli and Groundnut

  1. Shawarma

It is very popular in Nigeria; you can find shawarma stand in every state. It is made with tiny sliced beef or chicken with carrots, cabbage, sausage with sauces and cream mixed in and wrapped in sharwama bread.


  1. Abacha

This a very popular street food but it mostly popular in the eastern Nigeria. It is commonly know as the African Salad. It is dried shredded cassava you can eat it as a snack or a full meat. There are many variation to making this salad, it is mostly sold on the street and can be eaten hot or cold and it will still be delicious.


  1. Akara

This ia a very famous street food in the country and very delicious. It is made from washed beans and then grounded with pepper and onions and then deep fried in small balls.


  1. Fried yam and potatoes with pepper sauce

This is a very popular street food, it is fried yam and fried potatoes with pepper sauce. This is sold on popular or crowded streets and it is preferably eaten when hot.

Fried yam and Potatoes and pepper sauce

  1. Indomie and egg

This is very famous everywhere in this country. This is what the name says indomie and egg but I don’t how it is made it is very different from what you make at home. It is very delicious and you don’t need to stress in making it.

Indomie and Egg

  1. Moi Moi

This Yoruba bean steamed pudding s very popular in Nigeria. IT is made fromm washe beand and then grounded with pepper, onions and other preferred ingredients. It is then famously wrapped banana leaves locally known as “ewe eran”. Inside this moin moin there could be mixed with egg or fish depend on your preference.

Moi moi

The Street foods in Nigeria is very sweet and delicious and easy to find when you are here. Come and visit and you will see diverse and good foods to try out. Don’t forget to enjoy more than just the food when you are here. Until next time

Esther Anochie