Korea is known for a lot of things like their films, music, fashion but they are also known for their food. Today I would be taking you through a journey through South Korea and talking about their food. You would be amazed at the different variety of street food snack they have but today I will only be talking about the top 10 popular South Korean street food snacks. These selection is based on my opinion and research I have clearly done for you all. So I would be showing you all what they are and what they look like so when you get to Korea you can try them all by yourself but keep some for me.

  1. Tteokbokki (Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cakes)


This snack is ranked as one of the top 5 most popular snacks in Korea. It contains Korean rice cakes that are bathed and seasoned with chilli sauce. It has heat but it could be moderated to your taste keeping in mind that you are the one eating.

  1. Eomuk (Korean Fish Cake)

Korean Fish Cake

Eomuk is a famous dish that is made with dough and powdered fish. Fishcakes are usually dipped in salty soy sauce seasoned with green onions and sesame oil or served with a broth. There are two types of fish cakes folded and zigzagged and a long fish cake. The taste and amount are basically the same. The long fish is a little bit different because it maintains a hot and bouncy texture for a longer time while the folded and zigzagged one is well simmered n broth and has a soy sauce taste.

  1. Bungeoppang (Korean Fish Shaped Pastry)


This snack is very similar to gukhwappang, this delicacy is a fish shaped filled with red bean paste and cooked in a fish shaped iron. This snack is also known to be a treat for people with a sweet tooth when instead of the red bean paste, vanilla or chocolate ice cream is being added

  1. Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

If you are a K-drama fan then you know that Korean fried chicken is a must taste when in Korea. Korean is known for their fried chicken which has different types and seasoning. It is a stir-fried chicken marinated in sauce. The most common fried chicken is dakgangjeong which are marinated in sweet chili sauce. It is famously paired with beer or soju.

  1. Gamja-Hotdog: Korean-style French Fries Corn Dog


This is a fun and tasty snack treat in Korea. It is a hot dog on a stick covered with French fries. Gamja is translated to potatoes in Korea. Many Koreans recommend this snack to foreigners as a must try Korean street food. They can be filled with either sausage or cheese and rolled in sugar or covered with a sauce like ketchup and mayonnaise depending on one’s taste.


  1. Soondae- Korean Blood Sausage


This is a famous street food which is know as blood sausage. The locals love and it is popular among foreigners. In Seoul when ordered for it is served with salt, when served in Busan it has a different sauce. You need to try it and get your experience.

  1. Dalgona Candy


This candy is made by melting sugar with little baking soda. It is sometimes called ppopgi depending on the region. It has different patterns on it, the sellers draw a star, fish or a heart on it before it hardens.

  1. Sotteok Sotteok (Korean Hotdog and Rice Cake Skewers)

Sotteok Sotteok

This is a very popular snack, it is a rice cake and sausage put on stick in turns and it is fried or grilled. It is then coated with ketchup, mustard, or red pepper paste-based spices.

  1. Gun Goguma (Roasted Sweet Potatoes)

Gun Goguma

Different countries use roasted sweet potatoes as a meal. In Korea the snack is very different because of the machine used: The Drum Can. You will see in the sweet potato stand on the street using metal drum cans. Some sellers offer it with honey and butter which makes it taste exquisite.

  1. Mungbean Pancakes

Mungbean Pancake

This dish is made from ground up mung beans mixed with vegetables or meat and then fried oil. It has a greasy and savory taste. It is also one of food to recommend with alcohol. The fat in the meat makes the food more tasty along with the nutty taste of the mung beans. It is very easy to make outdoors you can find it in open air markets.


Esther Anochie