As enjoyable or as fun habits maybe for whoever is into them, the moment these habits become an uncontrollable part of us, they have a way of damaging or hurting us In return. Bad eating habits are included and this could result in so many unhealthy circumstances.
Various unhealthy eating habits can undermine your weight-loss efforts too. Although you might not be eating bad food, there are ways you eat that are not healthy, particularly if you’re aiming to lose weight.

1. Skipping Breakfast.

Not eating breakfast might seem like a way to lose weight or burn calories, but it is not so, according to research, it is those who take breakfast that weigh less than those who skip breakfast.
Those who normally eat breakfast get more calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A and C, fiber, zinc, and iron.  Even if you’re not hungry when you get up in the morning it’s nothing to worry about, and eating breakfast doesn’t necessarily have to be the first thing you do in the morning. The important thing is to ensure that your stomach is not empty for hours.

2. Eating from the Bag.

Eating directly from the package, whether it is chocolate, cookies, or chips, you end up eating more than the normal servings without realizing it. An important measure when you’re aiming to lose weight is watching what you eat. Being conscious of what and how much you’re eating is important.
Ensure to measure the exact serving you want, doing this will help you meet your weight

3. Keeping tempting foods.

It could be difficult to suppress temptation when it’s right at your front or staring you in the face. If you keep seeing tempting foods like cookies, candy, or ice cream, you’re more likely to grab some if it’s always in your house. The only way to help yourself is to discipline and keep tempting foods out of your sight. If you’re going to have irresistible snacks at home, keep them inside a cupboard.

4. Distracted Eating.

Eating and using your cell phone at the same time, scrolling the ‘gram, or playing games. Or reading the paper, watching TV, or using your computer while eating. All of these distractions take your attention away from eating and make it almost impossible for you to experience and tune in to how full you are. You could end up eating more than you’re hungry for, either now or later. Try to be more mindful when you eat and tune into how hungry and full you are.

5. Eating on the Run.

Eating when driving the car, and drinking high-calorie smoothies while walking around, makes it too easy to take in excessive calories if you’re eating on the go. To cut down on this type of distracted eating, sit down to eat.

  • These are the unhealthy eating habits that discourage your weight loss race.



Abimbola Persis